Edge Stories at a Glance

Now Available! 
BeMine (Valentino’s Delight) by Cerise DeLand 
Lipstick& Jazz by Leonore Elliott
HerMoonlight Lover by Olivia Starke
MidnightMadness by Olivia Starke
ZombieLovin’ (Zombies in Vegas Book 1) by Olivia Starke
Treasure’s Gift by Sascha Illyvich
Good Vibrations by KT Grant
Smut Interrupted (Smut series Book 2) by Stephanie Beck
Alana’s Surrender by KT Grant
Searching for Smut (Smut series Book 3) by Stephanie Beck
Strange and Beautiful (Tales from the Coffin Book 1) by JoAnne Kenrick
Whipped Puppy (Sturgis Rally Riders Book 2) by L.C. Dean
Night of the Doms (The Doms of Club D Book 1) by Erykah Wyck
Cherish by Ann Mayburn
The Vampire's Plaything by Ashlynn Monroe
Public Adoration (Sturgis Rally Riders Book 3) by L.C. Dean
All the Pretty Faces (Tales from the Coffin Book 2) by JoAnne Kenrick
Beautiful Ink (Sturgis Rally Riders Book 4) by L.C. Dean
No Strings Attached by Jennifer LaBelle
The Power of Three by Jessica E. Subject
The Milkman Cometh by Kate Richards
The Landscaper by Stephanie Williams
Night Music by Margie Church
Bittersweet Symphony (Tales from the Coffin Book 3) by JoAnne Kenrick
I Burn for You by Calista Fox
Traveler Through Darkness by Fierce Dolan
Hypnotist by Virginia Nelson
Tied Down by Kacey Hammel
Love on the Line by J.M. Madden
Crash Landing by Jessica E. Subject
Wild Thunder by Kacey Hammell
Friend with Benefits by Jennifer Labelle
Rub Me the Right Way by Kelli Scott
Raising the Bar by Lucy Felthouse
Treacle and Treason (Tales from the Coffin Book 4) by JoAnne Kenrick
On the Rocks by Elizabeth Morgan
Fire in Winter by Azura Ice
Alien Lover by Jessica E. Subject
The Blind Cupid by Karyn Gerrard
Eternally Yours by Kelli Scott
Mile High Menage by Monica Corwin
Love on the Line II by J.M. Madden
Birthday Bash by Kelli Scott

Coming Soon!
Setting Boundaries by Layla Chase
Pajama Party by Kelli Scott
Pulse by B.L. Bonita