The Edge
 Detail Sheet

The Edge is a series of short erotica tales designed to test the limits of our enjoyment of eroticism.

For the purpose of this series, erotica is defined as a story with sexual encounters being the primary focus and a believable plot is required.

HEA or HFN is not required. But we welcome one if it is a believable ending.

We encourage you to explore the many ways people find to express themselves—in the bedroom, or out. Due to the short length, we are particularly interested in single scene stories.

Please see the publisher’s submissions guidelines for the very liberal limits of what may be explored. If you have questions, please email us about what is acceptable prior to submission.

Length:  15-30K

Genres: We are accepting stories in the following genres: paranormal, BDSM, sci-fi, military, and multi/IR. If a story should contain two or more of those, for example an IR/BDSM, the managing editors will decide the final genre for cover purposes. M/F, M/M, F/F ménage, or any combination is acceptable. If you would like to submit a story that doesn’t fall neatly into one of these genre, please email us: submissions@decadentpublishing.com. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Submissions:  Decadent Publishing requires a submission form be completed and attached to the submission email with the manuscript. Please email to request a submission form: submissions@decadentpublishing.com

When you submit your submission form and manuscript, have “The Edge” in the subject line.

 Questions? Email us at the submissions email above and we'll get right back to you!