03 February 2012

I was Abducted...

by Nicole Austin

No, I was not taken by aliens, regardless of how much I think I'd enjoy that particular experience (even have the perfect outfit for the occasion). Never thought I'd see the day but I was abducted...by Texans! Can you believe it? I'm still in a state of shock. Here's my story.

A couple of years ago, I attendeda book conference where I met up with some amazing authors who I already knew from online—Desiree Holt, Regina Carlysle, Cerise Deland and Samantha Cayto (Sam and I are the only non-Texans in the group). Through these ladies, I was introduced to Allie Standifer—our sparkly, short bus driver.

They appeared to be nice, relatively normal people (yes, they had me fooled), but a few months later they abducted me to Texas. Took me out into the heart of Hill Country—literally the middle of nowhere—and I spent a long, crazy weekend at a place I like to call Camp Desiree. That's where I met the final wild child of this ragtag group--Brenna Zinn. Allie was worried about Brenna and Imeeting, rightfully so because neither one of us knows the meaning of impulse control. In a couple of weeks, Brenna and I will be spending 6 days in Las Vegas. That poor town has no idea what’s headed its way!

Now where was I headed? Oh, right, my abduction. During that crazy experience, the rowdy Texans introduced me to the most amazing beverage known to womankind—chocolate wine. Such a perfect beverage—a smooth combination of red wine and chocolate that packs quite a punch. Yes, chocolate wine sounds bizarre, but trust me on this one and give it a try.It’s divine!

After getting me drunk, they threw a party featuring an adult toy consultant. I don't think that woman knew what she was in for when she agreed to show sex toys to seven intoxicated erotic romance authors. Wow, was that a blast! The book series ideas started to form the same night and have kept us all rather busy ever since.

I can't begin to express how thrilled I am to have been “adopted” (a term the lawyers agreed on) by this incredible group of authors. They don't even mind the fact that I'm a vampy Florida girl and they have extended an open invitation to visit Camp Desiree whenever possible. Now I spend my time plotting the next opportunity to escape to Texas. Allie is even on standby for airport pickup service. How cool is that?

Some very nice ladies from Decadentinvited the seven of us to write a little something for a special series, The Edge. Taking this a step further, the seven of us created our own sub-series, Valentino’s Delight. All seven naughty tales take place in Washington DC and involve chocolate wine purchased from Valentino’s wine and gourmet food shop (a complete figment of our overactive imaginations), where the owner, Val, tends to dabble in a bit of intuitive matchmaking.

Here’s the blurb for my edgy story, Hard Lovin’

After a grueling graveyard shift in the ER and tromping through snow, the only things on Olivia Daughtry’s mind are a nice warm fire, a glass of chocolate wine and some quality time with her vibrator. Being interrogated by a tenacious cop wasn’t anywhere on her to-do list.

There’s too much at stake for Officer Hall to follow department policies or go easy on the sexy suspect. But nurse Daughtry is one tough cookie and the harder he pushes the hotter she gets. From handcuffs and an improvised gag to little blue candies, Hall will do whatever it takes to get the correct answer to his very important question.

The Edge, Valentino’s Delight—seven naughty, smokin’ hot stories of Sex, Love and Chocolate Wine you don’t want to miss!Oh, and if you ever get lucky enough to be abducted by Texans, have fun and tell them Nicole said hi!

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Nicole Austin


  1. OMG Nicole is it any wonder I'm in awe of all of you? You are all amazing authors with stories I can't put down, love to edit, and rave about constantly. Thanks so much for letting us entice you into debuting The Edge. We couldn't have had a happier start!

  2. FAB story Nicole. glad you were able to kick of Decadent's Edge series so perfectly. lucky Lisa and Heather!

  3. Sounds horrible (she said, winking broadly). I have a love for chocolate port, myself. SSOOOO decadent. Thanks, Nicole, this was fun!

  4. Sounds like a fun group of women. :) Congrats on your release! All the best!

  5. Thanks, ladies! Chocolate wine is divine and I had a blast during my abduction. I'm so very honored to help launch The Edge series.

  6. Chocolate wine sounds really good. I'll have to try and find it here :)
    Hard Lovin' sounds like my kind of book ;)I'm looking forward to reading the entire series.

  7. And the winner is elaing8. The book's on its way. Enjoy!