02 August 2012

Romance in the 21st Century

by Samantha Cayto

I’ll never forget the punch to the gut I got reading my first romance novel. I picked it up on a whim, desperate to read something – anything – that would clear my mind for a few minutes of the dry, boring legal crap swimming around inside it. I wasn’t prepared for the totally visceral reaction I had to the simple notion of an alpha male pursuing a woman he would come to worship. 

I was hooked! 

I knew then that my life-long dream of being a writer had to be pursued in this perfect genre. The erotica path I eventually went down just made it all the better. Even now, as busy as I am with the same legal career and writing my own stories, I still end just about every day reading romance. The pure joy I get from the pursuit, the conquest, the conflict and the happily ever after has never waned. Romance and sex are timeless concepts. It makes no difference how old a woman is or how educated she is. It doesn’t matter if she’s running her home or running a country. She’ll always want romance and sex in her life, and for the man she shares her life with who might scoff at her choice of reading material, he should remember who she turns to in bed when she’s done reading for the night. 

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1 comment:

  1. I love an alpha male too! I've been reading romances for 35 years. Still going strong!!!