13 September 2012

I Burn For You

by Calista Fox
My debut story at Decadent Publishing is a sexy little number for the Edge Series, titled I Burn For You. The Greek god of love Eros, along with his wife, Psyche, and his mother, Aphrodite, has decided to send his naughty muses to the mortal world to spark passion. The Greek gods still thrive on Mt. Olympus, but humans have lost faith in Cupid’s golden arrows—until the muses set their sights on some very unsuspecting, though highly aroused, targets!

From Amazon.com comes this 5-star rating for I Burn For You:

One hell of a ride

“[I] Burn for You is the first book in the Cupid's Naughty Muses series, within Decadent Publishing Edge Series and it starts off with one hell of a bang! The Greek Gods are not lost, merely forgotten as the rise of new gods through the ages. However, they still exist, and sometimes mortals just need a little guidance, and Cupid's Naughty Muses have a more hands on approach.

It is a perfect tale, with smoking hot scenes and a short wonderful story line. I'd give it a solid five with just the last half of the book alone. You're in for one hell of a ride.”

Thank you, Viari!

There’s no telling what will happen when Cupid sends his naughty muses to the mortal world to spice up love lives, but one thing’s for sure—it’ll be H-O-T!

Kate Lindsey’s husband died four years ago, and while she believes she’s finally ready to move on, she’s still sending out “Grieving Widow” signals that keep men at bay. Until one stormy evening when the sexy man she’s crossed paths with at the library shows up at her door.

Unbeknownst to Kate, Edward is one of the muses determined to reignite a mortal’s passion, and he intends to give her one steamy night of pure pleasure. Will Kate take the bait?

And a wicked little excerpt to get your juices flowing:

She clutched his strong biceps for support because her legs trembled, but released him when his hands shifted. His fingers curled around the thin straps on her shoulders and eased the material down her body until the nightie pooled at her feet. He whisked away her thong panties and she stood before him, self-consciousness edging her arousal. But his appreciative expression told her he liked what he saw.
He backed the look up with a very convincing, “By the gods, you are so beautiful.”
Her heart fluttered, though his choice of words gave her pause. By the gods?
Something mystical had been happening since she’d opened her front door. Yet, she suspected if she overanalyzed it, she’d completely ruin the magic of the moment. Instead, she let the subtle seduction continue to unfold.
His gaze roved her body and he unabashedly took in every inch of her. But she didn’t want to be admired from afar. She wanted to be kissed and touched and loved in ways she hadn’t experienced in too many years.
Daring herself to take full advantage of the unexpected gift standing in her living room, she reached for the first button on his shirt, releasing the small disk from its hole. Her fingers shook, but she deftly worked her way down the flap. Then she stripped off the gray material and enjoyed the view. His broad chest, defined pecs, cut abs and tapered waist made him one fantastically sculpted man.
Anxious to see all of him, she quickly divested him of the rest of his clothing. By the gods, indeed. What a sight to behold!
His powerful thighs and long, thick cock tipped the scales toward perfection. She could have admired him for the rest of the evening, but that wasn’t at all what she had in mind. Nor did that seem to be his intention. He took her hand and led her to the wingback chair near the fireplace.
Elation skittered through her, tightening her nipples. Her pussy lips were slick from her arousal and the throbbing deep within her became a relentless plea for fulfillment, a demand for satisfaction.

I Burn For You, the first in the Cupid’s Naughty Muses series, is on sale now at Decadent Publishing! 


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