08 October 2012

Will You Give In to Me?

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 By Sascha Illyvich 
In my latest EDGE story, Treasure's Gift, the theme revolves around giving in to our personal desires and wants.  In the story, both Mark and Treasure have an intense passionate interest in the other, but they've remained best friends for the last several years.  Yet neither has taken the plunge, always with that great fear of ruining the perfect relationship.

Well I ask, if it's so perfect how come they're not fucking? 

Seriously!  Women, being more intuitive, tend to have a more emotional involvement it's said, but that's not always the case.  Years ago, I had a friend I had the hots for, and only when we'd been friends for years had she confessed the reason she didn't try to sleep with me was that I was engaged at the time.  Damn was I dumb, but it's okay.  Lesson learned.

Mark and Treasure had a similar set up, however Treasure is a more intense woman to contrast against Mark's workaholic incompetence.  Oh, he's not bad, but he is terrible at getting the clues. Instead of noticing the way her hand lingers on his skin, he pays more attention to the raging erection she gives him and realizes that his mind is playing tricks on him.  Or...is it?

Only when she forces his hand and shows up in front of him, dressed to seduce, does his brain disengage and his body take over.

Then, just to make sure he can't back out of his own desire, Treasure intensifies the sensuality and carnal delights The heady combination of both women, one who owns his heart, the other who will satisfy his fantasy can only lead to one thing.

Recognition of deeper desires realized.

Let's watch the excerpt…

The bedroom door opened.
“Mark.” The soft lilting of her voice reignited the spark of arousal.
He set his glass on the desk and waited. “Yes, dear?”
“It’s bedtime. Come to bed.”
She sounded needy. Another man would have missed the subtlety of want in her voice. He didn't want to ignore her but work beckoned. Yeah, that was the lie he told himself to avoid the nervousness he felt in approaching her. “I have things to do first.”
“Then I’ll come to you.” Her voice dripped with unmistakable, husky lust.
He arched a brow.
A moment later, she appeared wearing a black, see-through teddy that flowed out at the bottom with lace trimming and reached the tops of her thighs. A scrap of lace obscured his view of her sex. Dirty blonde hair fell around her shoulders in loose curls, bouncing with each step she took toward him. Her hands crossed over her chest, she gripped her shoulders and then smoothed fingertips down her arms, over full breasts, and down her rounded stomach, stopping at her hips. Treasure took a tentative step closer, standing mere inches from him. “Well?”
His jaw dropped. He blinked several times to make sure he was seeing right before focusing on her expression.
She frowned. “You think I’m fat. I knew it.”
“No!” He stood and took her hands in his. His stomach tightened from the contact. Blood pumped faster down south, and his mouth went bone dry. “No, that’s not it. It’s just…just…wow, Treasure. I’ve dreamed of this for years.”
“What do you intend to do now?” She tilted her head, and her lips curled into a wicked grin.
His cock throbbed beneath his boxers. Goddamn clothes!
The alcohol fog faded as he focused on her standing before him, looking like an exquisite dessert after an exceptional dinner. He stood, grabbed the back of her head, brought her mouth to his, crushing their lips together. Inhaling deeply, he swept his tongue over her bottom lip, crushing her body to his.
She groaned.
He pressed the length of his cock against her belly and inhaled. She smelled of seduction, peaches, and cream. “I intend to have you, lover.”

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  1. I thought you had me at the cover, but then I read the excerpt. Mmm, yes, you have me totally. Thanks for sharing this!