10 January 2013

The Vampire's Plaything

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by Ashlynn Monroe
As a reader, I have always enjoyed short stories.  It’s so fun to get lost in a moment, so short stories are a great way to get the satisfaction of escaping into someone else’s imagination in a short time.  The edge series is wonderful.  I’ve enjoyed reading these stories and I was delighted to have one of mine included in the series.
The Vampire’s Plaything is a story of past lost and love with a side of domination, here’s the blurb…
What would you do if you found yourself helpless and vulnerable for the most attractive man you’d ever seen?

Zoe finds herself a naked captive of a vampire and impossible memories of two men surface in her mind. Passion overcomes her as the long suppressed need for these men turned monster’s touch rekindles something from another time inside her, and makes her a willing plaything for these dangerous but sexy creatures.
This was such a fun story to write.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

He spun her roughly to face the wall. Pushing her against the cold stone, his hands became gentle, caressing her back. From her shoulders to the flare of her hips, her skin came alive under his touch. The twisted chains held her arms higher. She jumped at a sharp, stinging slap on her bare ass. The contact had been anything but tender.
“I just hurt you. Now are you afraid?”
He slapped her again in the same spot. It stung. Zoe whimpered, but the desperate lust grew hotter.
“Do you believe in second chances?” he whispered, his breath cool on her ear.
“Everyone deserves one,” she replied.
He made an angry sound. She turned, untwisting her chains. Zoe watched him step away. His back was to her. She could see the sinew and muscle. His skin was taut. She longed to run her hands down his body. There was a sorrow in his posture. He slouched a bit. Zoe imagined the man didn’t let just anyone see him with his guard down.
“Not everyone,” he muttered, his shoulders slumped.
“Why do I feel like this?” Why did he feel so familiar? She’d never felt so comfortable naked with another person. He faced her again. A deep frown marred his features. She ached for him, for the sadness that hung over him like a cloud heavy with rain. The strange emotions she felt for him, were like echoes of a past she couldn’t remember.
He faced her again, torment in his expression. Sighing, he opened his mouth as if to speak, revealing sharp fangs the color of old ivory, but she wasn’t afraid.
“You are the most dangerous creature on this Earth. I should destroy you. You could destroy me.” His dark eyes narrowing, he ran the pad of his thumb down her cheek.

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