08 February 2013


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By BL Bonita
We all have a little darkness in our soul. We’ve all fantasized about a certain someone special. Some of us would go to great lengths to see that dark fantasy realized. Would you go the extra mile, no matter what it takes, to win the one you want?

Let me introduce you to Bradley George. He’s fantasized about Vera Cross for 5 years. 5 years of constant torment and sexual madness. Imagine the chaos in his soul. Imagine the lust pulsing in his veins. Vera Cross is the reason and the answer to his nightmares. Only she can set him free.

Pulse is a dark and delicious story that will thrill you, chill you and maybe turn you on. After all, we all are tempted by the dark side one way or another…

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It all started with a second glance over a clipboard…
All Brad wants is one chance with the enchanting Vera Cross. She is the reason and the answer to his nightmares. Only she can set him free from his own twisted hell. One touch, one kiss, one sigh from her foxy lips, and the hungry beast in him will give her everything she desires. But as Brad’s dreams become reality, he soon learns that Vera Cross is not at all what she seems.


  1. Love the cover and sounds like an interesting read. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  2. Ooooo I love me some dark erotica :) Sounds fabulous! Good tease.