30 April 2013

Get Laid by a Landscaper!

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By Stephanie Williams
Ever thought about that hunky landscaper working in your backyard? What him to lay more than grass?

Well here you go!

Lauren needs more than her backyard plowed.  When she sees her new hunky gardener, she wonders if he wands to plants seeds in other places. Hot and horny, from being on a dry spell for months, the Summer sun is not the only thing that’s got her in heat. 

Yeah, Lauren has it bad for Nathan Sheers (don’t you just love that name for a landscaper, LOL). She never had the time to fix her yard, so he was recommended to her for his gardening skills.

But what other skills does he have? She badly wants to find out.

And it’s definitely a two-way street. Every time Nathan plows his shovel in her soil, he’s thinking about plowing other things.

After a brief introduction, the two can’t keep their hands off each other.

So my loyal fans and readers, I pose this question to you?

Have you ever had the typical fantasy of getting shagged by the pool guy? The UPS man, the plumber? Only if he looks like Viggo Mortensen of course! How about the hunky mechanic that fixes your car? Ever thought about doing it on the hood of a car or on the concrete of the garage?

I believe the most popular fantasy (since the Kinsey Report that is), is having sex with a stranger with no guilt and having a wild wicked time.  That’s why I enjoyed writing this little story for the Decadent’s the Edge Series.

This series is pure erotica, no holding back, and The Landscaper is no exception.

I do away with formal introductions, and get into the mind and spirit of two people that have the hots for each other and make no apologies. No consequences, no guilt, and a promise for more.

Wouldn’t we all love to do that in real life?

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