12 April 2013

It’s A Thin Line…

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By Rori Pond
If you’ve ever been in love you know how true the statement ‘It’s a thin line between love and hate’ can be. Both emotions are powerful, passionate, and cause impaired judgment. Two sides of the same coin, at times the line between the two blurs. This story allowed me to explore that phenomenon.
Wiley and Rosen were high school rivals. Rich, privileged, handsome and intelligent he got under her skin like no one else could. They’re not so friendly competition grew to be legendary. Ten years later at their reunion they discover time really does change everything as they come together in a fiery blaze of passion. 

Have you ever found the one you despised has become the one you desire?

Here’s the blurb:
High school rivals, Wiley Taylor and Rosen Teague discover there's a very thin line between love and hate, when a ten year reunion yields a passion filled night unlike anything either has ever experienced. Can they start fresh and leave the past behind them?

 “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this to you? I daydreamed about this tight little body of yours every period we ever had together. I never knew I could come so hard until you became the star of my fantasies. It’s not just your looks that turned me on, but that brilliant mind, too. You were the total package yet I couldn’t touch you.”
“Because you had no use for someone like me back then. I knew how others viewed me, and why.  I just didn’t care.” His grip released, and he changed tactics, burying his fingers in her hair, massaging her scalp and down to her back.  .
Her bones began to turn to mush. “You should’ve taken the risk. I’ll bet while you were stroking your cock, I was doing the same to my pussy until I climaxed.” Her voice lowered. “Your name was on my lips every time.”
His eyes darkened with desire and his breath hitched. “Don’t tease me, Rosen.”
“Why else would I be letting you get away with this?” In search of more contact, she rolled her hips into him. “I dreamed of the day you’d be this hard for me. Now I want you to make it worth my while.”
Gripping her ass with his large hands, he kneaded and caressed the flesh until she whimpered. “You like that?” His raspy voice made her belly quiver.
“How about this?” He gave her a hard smack, once, twice, three times and she cried out, pressing against his hand in a silent plea for more. “Shh, you’ll get us caught, naughty girl.” His large hand rubbed the stinging area and she purred like a cat. “You like it a little rough, don’t you?”
“Lean over the desk.”
“What?” The odd request puzzled her.
“I want to take you the way I always dreamed—bent over with that beautiful ass in the air so I can watch it bounce while I pound into you. Are you wet for me?”
“Why don’t you find out?” She draped over the wooden surface, spread her legs wide, and paused to look over her shoulders.  “Are you going to come and check, or should I get things started on my own?”
The words spurred him into action. “No, I’ll save watching you pleasure your cunt for later.”
He stepped behind her and hiked her dress up. The cool air on her heated flesh drew a gasp from her.
“No underwear?” His voice was deep and rich with pleasure.”You’re naughtier than I ever imagined.”
“They didn’t go with the dress.”

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