30 July 2013

Zombies in Vegas

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By Olivia Starke

   I know what you’re thinking “Ugh, another zombie story?” After a recent reader survey I took, apparently zombie stories are flooding the market. I, for one, love a good zombie work and I can’t get enough of them.
Zombies in Vegas is different. No rotting flesh—my undead are sexy, and promise one hell of a good lay…er…read to those brave enough to try. I had a blast writing this series for THE EDGE, and it’s gotten fabulous reviews. And when reading these stories, keep in mind they aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Laugh, have fun, and let them spark some fantasies of your own ;)

Zombie Lovin' available HERE
   Dating a dead guy would be complicated and complications were one thing she liked to avoid...
   Samantha Perry expected a fun weekend in Vegas, what she didn’t expect is the hottie she wakes up next to after a wild night of drinking. Tall, blue-eyed, and all American, Jake is the epitome of male virility—give or take the fact he lacks a heartbeat. But sometimes even the living impaired need a little lovin’.
   And Jake has a big surprise in store for Samantha…

Vegas is Dead, Baby available HERE
   Sometimes, waking up is the biggest surprise of all.
   What could be hotter than a threesome for your birthday? Kristin finds herself in Vegas with her boyfriend and one gorgeous stranger, proving that “three’s a crowd” simply means one hell of a good time. And she’s ready to have her two hunky men in every way possible.
   Of course when you play in Vegas, you play with the unexpected. Always be ready for one killer of a night...

Living is Overrated available HERE
   Sex is better when you’re one of the undead.
   When her luggage is stolen at the Las Vegas airport, Kelly finds herself stranded and broke. Lucky for her, sexy Detective Nick Rodriguez offers her a room for the night. And when he whips out the handcuffs, she is ready to offer gratitude for his hospitality all night long.
   When in Vegas the party doesn’t stop even if someone wakes up dead…. 


  1. Just like aliens, I like zombies sexy. :)

  2. You're stories sound exciting, Olivia! Who doesn't love a sexy Zombie?

    Bring them on!

  3. Thanks everyone for dropping by!

  4. Sexy Zombies! I'll give it a try!

    smurfettev AT Gmail DOT com

  5. I'll say that I'm a bit scared of zombies, even the sexy ones. But I always say don't judge a book by it's main theme, so I'd be willing to give a sexy Zombie at shot. :)
    Are all 3 stories available now?

    1. Yes they are :) The buy links for DP are above. Also available on Amazon, B&N and other ebook retailers.

      My zombies will surprise you ;) They aren't what you'd expect.

  6. Zombies ARE popular. George RR Martin basically uses them in Game of Thrones as the wight walkers. So you're right in the thick of things chickie!

  7. Zombies....Ohhhhh yessss this Series is definitely kinda Books. I'm gonna have to make these Sexy Zombies part of my Kindle Library ;)
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  8. Thanks to everyone who dropped by! I couldn't access blogger yesterday to announce my winner, but it's Sheri!