02 August 2013

It’s Still Summer...Right?

by Stephanie Beck

   I look at the calendar and I knew we still have a solid month of summer before school starts. In Minnesota, law says schools can’t start until after Labor Day—a grandfathered law that dates back to the State Fair start. 4H and fair kids still appreciate this one, as it means they don’t have to choose between the fair and the start of school.
   In my head I know we have 4 weeks left...but why the heck does every day have something planned? That doesn’t seem right, but that’s just the way of things. I love the freedom that the nice weather and time from school allow. I don’t love how many miles end up on my car, but on the bright side it means I’ve seen lots of people, done lots of things and enjoyed a good dose of something different.
   Once winter hits in full, the memories of summer will get me through the icy cold and cabin fever. In the meantime...I could use a nap!

All the Best,

Stephanie Beck

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1 comment:

  1. The summer has been very busy for me. Just flown past so far. If I don't have something planned, something comes up. Or both. LOL

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!