17 February 2012

I’ve been a very naughty girl.
So, here’s a bit about my Carnality stories for the Decadent Edge Series, and a little secret about me.
The Carnality stories are quickies—Edge stories. Not only are they quickies, hitting hard and fast, I’ve turned up the heat a bit with the Carnality stories.
What’s an Edge story? Well it’s your fifteen minute fix, a chance to get a bite of romance on your break, or while commuting to work, or sometimes when you need an adult time out. They’re great for time crunchers and the stories are small enough to download to your Android or I phone, so you can take them anywhere. The Decadent Edge stories are also a great way to try new-to-you authors, without a big investment in time or cash.

The Carnality stories are about an incubus named Azael, and succubus called Jezebel. Both work in a strip club called The Devil’s Den. In the first story, Carnal Desires, I kick off their adventures with a encounter in the back of an adult toy store. In the second story, the pair have set their sights on a soldier with a broken heart and dinner served hot. In story three, they’ve got demon slayer problems, but not to fear, Jezebel is not an amateur and she’d already got a plan. The bait the slayers tossed into the club, has no club what she’s gotten herself into. I’ve got more planned, but the next group will be in different times and places. But for now, I hope you’ll check out the first three erotic shorts as they’re released.

Now a little something you didn’t know about me:

The first time I wrote erotic romance and turned it over to my critique partners, I wanted to dive under my bed and not come out. Actually, if I could’ve got my ass under there with the dust bunnies, I would have. Boy, did I get ribbed for it.
Why you ask?
Well, when I first started writing—I was a sweet romance girl, but that didn’t last for long. One of my buddies talked me into writing erotic romance. *You know who you are, and I know you’re reading this. That’s right—I’m talking about you.*

Moving on…
Since then, I’ve written many erotic stories, and until now, I’ve pretty much gotten over wanting to dive under my mattresses. Okay, I lied. I haven’t, which I’ve recently discovered when handing over the Carnality stories to my editor, she who shall not be named. I can tell you I had high color on my cheeks, and began to wonder if there were spiders under my bed.
There are—just in case you were wondering.
So, they sent me all the paperwork. You know, blurbs, bios, content, and by the way, please rate the heat on a scale of one to five—five being the hottest. For a moment I sat there thinking about what I wrote, and promptly tried to wiggle under my bed again. Um, yeah. Anyway, after careful consideration, I firmly feel I can call it a five, or better yet, OMG get me a bucket of ice water. *Inserts mad laughter*
So, if you want something a scosh hotter than my norm, a quickie, and a chance to read what had me blushing to my roots and hanging out with Charlotte under my bed, pick up a Carnal story. And don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

**No succubus, incubus or spiders were harmed in the writing of this series. Also, let it be known, that breaking glass and pulling an alarm might bring a fireman with his big hose, but penalties and fines are also associated with false alarms. Writer recommends a cold shower, or a tall drink of water, should your underwear start to smoke.** 


  1. The first time I wrote an erotic scene I felt the same way! Unfortunately, when you go over to the dark side, it's hard to write "sweet" romance again, at least it is for me!

  2. D.L. I read Carnal Desires late last night. Good stuff! Looking forward to the sequels.

    As I filled out my paperwork and selected 5 for my heat level, I cheerfully told my husband that I wrote smoking hot stuff. :) This is from the woman who five years ago would skim sex scenes with a blush. Yep, it's nice on the dark side.

  3. Yes it is, Val.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the first story. I have many more planned.

  4. I wrote my first erotic less than a year ago, but I'd been addicted to really spicy historical for a couple of years so I wasn't but so shy about it. The current one I'm finishing, however, *gulps* haven't put up the last three chapters for crits after calls for ice water shocked me after the first three. So I do understand your pain! Makes the Edge stories all that more attractive, though. :)

  5. Embrace your dark side and leave the dust bunnies in peace! (this from the girl who still giggles and covers her eyes when watching Dirty Dancing)

    Stephanie Beck

  6. Your other stories are hot, but you have definitely turned up the heat with this one. Plan to read it with hubby tonight. ;) It's our kid-free weekend.

  7. *snickers*
    Passing on the corruption. Right, Jessica?

  8. Very cool! Love the idea for the series. Congrats Dawn!

  9. Yeah....bucket of ice warning should come with Carnal Desires, for sure!! Brings new meaning to having a 'quickie'...read! Darn hot stuff, and I love the concept. Sometimes I just haven't got the time to commit to a full length, or even a novella, so the EDGE series is just a perfect solution:) I've read three already!! And loved each and every single one. My new addiction to run along side my 1 Night Stand one. LOL
    Grats on the release, and aren't you glad you went to the naughty side? I know I'm glad you did!!

    Kate...I'd say you were a GREAT influence :)

  10. LOL. Kate's a naughty girl too. Perhaps we should start a club.
    Need a bucket of ice water now? Wait till you read Carnal Attraction. *grins*