24 February 2012

I Don't Write a Series, It Writes Me

by Rebecca Royce

I don't write a series, it writes me. Sounds like a funny thing to say, but lately that has been how I’ve been feeling about world building. For example, when I sat down to write Unwanted Mate, for The Edge, I had this idea of how I thought the story should go.  Two people who had known each other, one a shifter, for a while who were now coming to terms with the fact that they were meant to be together.  Great.  The story progressed as I imagined it would and I was happy. 

But, I kept thinking. Gunther owns a bar and he lives above it. The bar is happening down below them. What is happening at the bar? Oh wow. There could be a whole series of things happening down stairs in the bar.  Suddenly, I didn’t have a story I have a series. 

However, bars, as much as we might sometimes wish otherwise when we are having a bad day, don’t exist outside of society, they have to be part of it. So, what was happening in the world right outside of Gunther’s bar that brought in patrons?  Well, there is a major construction site going up down by the river.  All of a sudden, we have a whole slew of characters that need their night on The Edge and I’ve found myself a series that I am excited to write.

Not to mention, the stories are HOT! Sizzling and so much fun to do.  Comment here and tell me about your craziest night in a bar ever.  One lucky winner will get to choose from my Decadent backlist and select a book.

Hope you’re all doing great today.



  1. Yay for a fun, exciting series!
    My craziest night in a bar included me unbuttoning the shirts of any guy I had a conversation with. Fun times had by all...especially me :)

    Stephanie Beck

  2. I can't say I've had that many crazy nights at a bar. A lot of fun though, whether a dance bar or pub-style. I met my hubby for the first time at a bar, although he was working and nothing came of it. And met him the second time when he wasn't working. The rest is history. LOL

  3. I had a similar experience as Jessica, only I met my husband for the 2nd time in a bar. First time I met him, I didn't know it, he said he talked to me, but I was too busy making eyes at his best friend. One time I did knock out a girl in the women's bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet (ewww) and I opened the stall door (it opened inward). I clocked her so hard, she fell over and passed out. I'm sure alcohol didn't play a factor whatsoever. Either way, seeing her sprawled on the nasty floor didn't bother me because she'd tried to steal my boyfriend earlier in the night. Oopsie.

    Steph, you naughty girl!

  4. LMAO! Ohhhh, the stories I could tell. But wont. Maybe I'll just write about them, lol. Rebecca that is on very hot cover. Look forward to the story.

  5. Ok as an Edge editor I'm not entering, but I do have a funny story.I have a friend who shouldn't drink...ever. She does it rarely but when she does OMG. I once spent an evening in a very nice Irish pub with her and a gorgeous guy friend--gay, sigh--while they drank themselves under the table and I prevented them from doing anything I'd have to hear about for the rest of my life. After a number of funnnn hours they refused to walk home unless I agreed to skip and sing something from the Wizard of Oz...so I did. Thank all that's holy that it's not on youtube. I'd have to move to a new country.

    1. Um, I was drinking tequilla and doing body shots in a bar in Ft Huachuca when I was in the Army, and ended up being carried out by MPs and set out on the sidewalk. Lucky they didn't arrest me, as I went back inside. My First Sgt. would've kicked my butt.

    2. Lord,Kate! I saw that second line, (I have a friend who shouldn't drink ever) and thought you were going to tell RT tales about me. I'm so glad you're discreet. LOL!

      DL Jackson - men in uniform = major hotness. That's why we love your stories!

  6. I should add that I'm a sucker for men in uniform. What else is a girl gonna do with a squad of hotties and a duty free Saturday. Lol.
    Just don't tell my kids. Need to know, and all that stuff.

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting. Keep the stories coming! My craziest night in a bar ended up with my friend having her stomach pumped. Just feel lucky it wasn't me having my stomach pumped...

  8. My most amusing time at a nightclub was when I was a nanny. My room mate's brother was in the Army, so his buddies always hung out with us during the weekends. This one weekend, my boyfriend (one of the buddies) had flown home to visit his family, and to keep me busy and cheered up, everyone decided we'd go out dancing. While the fellas were playing pool, I was asked to dance by one of the guys from the Air Force (Colorado Springs is crawling with military). I explained I was spoken for, my boyfriend was out of town, and he said it was just a dance and smiled and I didn't feel there was a problem. He was a perfect gentleman, and OMG cute! But as we slow danced, he never turned me, keeping my back towards where my room mate sat and the pool table was. And near the end of the dance, he asked me if I had come with someone else. As I said that I came with a group of friends, he turned me around, and at the edge of the dance floor there was a wall of 6 guys standing shoulder to shoulder, legs spread apart, arms crossed and scowling at him like they were going to take his head off. I thanked him quickly for the dance, apologized for the alpha male bullshit and went to haul their asses out of there, lol. I was mortified! And then then I find out later that they called my boyfriend WHILE I was dancing and tattled on me, lol!!
    Now it's funny - and I laugh out loud when I read stories with alpha males pulling that kind of stuff, cuz it does happen, but gah! That was a hell of a night, LOL.
    Love your books, Rebecca. They are just awesome!
    Gena Robertson

  9. Gena,
    Thats a great story. Thanks for sharing it!! I can picture it perfectly!!