28 February 2012

You Can Call Me Wicked

Hello, I'm Leanore Elliott and I write Romance. I write what some call 'Naughty Romance'. The really hot kind, and that is why my friends all call me 'Wicked Leanore'.

 My usual story is an out of the norm, paranormal erotica tale. Decadent Publishing is releasing my first and only Non-Paranormal for their new The Edge Line. It's a blazing tale of uninhibited fun.

I've found out that I just love to entertain and since I am not a supermodel, can't sing a note and I can't paint?  I create different kinds of beauty and write a kind of music that comes alive in your mind. I paint the world into places all of us want to visit. I do it simply to have people come on journeys with me. The audience is my readers, and I take them away to another world for a few hours.

What excites Leanore? Well… heat—scorching, heavy breathing heat. With each book I've written, the scenes have become hotter and the stories have become more intriguing.
With Decadent's new Edge Line, I was challenged to write something risqué—A Scorching Flash of fiction, if you will.

It all happens down in the gritty city of New Orleans, during Mardi Gras. Jazz is really trying to enjoy the parade below her Bourbon Street Hotel balcony. However, she just cannot seem to get in sync with the carefree feeling. She is frustrated— frustrated by the memory of a pair of devilish blue eyes. Her thoughts stray from the noisy revelry below to her fantasies of a tall, hot cop, she saw only once.

She decides that if she can't have him, she will find her release with something else, using a rather unusual, pleasing brand of lipstick. As she prepares to give herself a little naughty Cherry Red distraction? Yes, you guessed it. Mister blue eyes shows up, catching her in a very 'delicate' situation.
This story was fun to write and the hot flashes just vibrated off the page. (Wicked-chuckle)

After you read this hot, little tale, you might just call me wicked too.

So, pick up a copy of Lipstick & Jazz from Decadent Publishing and you will get the full, 'Decadent Experience'. 

Lipstick & Jazz
For The Edge series by Decadent Publishing
February, 28th 2012

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  1. Holy smokes - I just read the blurb, and my thighs are smokin'! I would expect no less from you, Leanore...this is going to be a wonderful read! SQUEE!!!

    Gena Robertson

  2. I love to read and love finding new authors. This book looks great and would love to win and read. Thanks for the giveaway. Loved the short blurb.