06 March 2012

Women Who Kicked Ass

by Olivia Starke

In celebration of my first f/f release Her Moonlight Lover. I thought I’d blog on a few gals who kicked ass and proved a set of ovaries trumps a pair of testicles.

 Amelia Earhart
This intelligent leggy redhead is pretty fly by today’s standards, being a pioneer for women pilots in the 20s and 30s. She is credited with setting a new transatlantic record while flying solo across the Atlantic, and the first aviator to fly the treacherous route from Hawaii to America.

She is probably best known for her mysterious disappearance while attempting her first around the world flight. After leaving New Guinea, she vanished without a trace leaving speculations ranging from the Japanese capturing and executing her and her navigator, to being sent on a secret spy mission by President Roosevelt.

Florence Nightingale
Born into a wealthy family in 1820, Florence felt a call to nursing, a profession not considered respectable at the time. Though her family didn’t approve, she forged ahead to what she considered her life’s calling. She even refused marriage proposals from several suitors, fearing being tied to domesticity.
When the Crimean war broke out and the appalling conditions for injured soldiers were reported, Florence was asked to take a team of nurses to Crimea to help out. Their tireless efforts brought comfort to the soldiers. After returning home a national heroine, she helped hospitals with quality of care and standards of treatment.
After being stripped and beaten in public and having her daughters raped by Roman soldiers, Boudicca rallied and united warring Briton tribes and led the Britons against Roman rule. After taking Colchester—a city that held a temple to Roman emperor Claudius—the managed to take London and St. Albans. Eventually, Boudicca’s growing army fell to Roman forces, and Boudicca herself purportedly either died from her injuries or took poison. She would later become a symbol for Great Britain.

Her Moonlight Lover
(Available soon from Decadent Publishing’s The Edge)

Blurb: Stranded in the middle of Iowa, Bailey has to rely on the hospitality of a hot redhead with a body to die for. After skinny dipping leads to an incredible night of Sapphic loving, Bailey is smitten by the eager and willing Melanie.
When morning comes, Bailey may find there’s more to Melanie than meets the eye.


I love a woman with stamina...
Bailey cleared her throat. “So, Melanie, you have a husband somewhere?”
She flashed that gorgeous smile. “Nope.”
She shook her head. “Nope.”
Melanie stood in waist deep water. Rivulets poured down her shoulders.
“I-I’ve never been with a woman, actually.” She swept her hands in wide arcs over the surface and small waves lapped at Bailey’s chin where she tread water further from shore. Bailey kicked toward her, then stood and the other woman sucked in a breath, eyes widening. She took a step forward watching closely for any sign that her redhead might shy away.
“Melanie, let me make love to you.”
She peered up through her lashes. “I wouldn’t know how. I mean I know how with a man, but….”
Bailey smiled, reaching a hand to the other woman’s upper arm, letting her fingertips trail to her shoulder then down to the delicate gold chain she wore around her neck. A tiny infinity pendant dangled from it.
Their breaths quickened.


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  2. Yay for badassery in the feminine voice! I belong to one of the oldest sororities in the US and celebrating women touches my heart. Congrats on the new release :)

    Stephanie Beck

  3. I have not read to many F/F romances before. This one looks very good and would love to win and read. Great excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Thanks for entering and check out my blog post!

  4. WOW .... I just may have to change my reading habbits after reading this.

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  5. Awesome post! Amelia Earhart and Florence Nightingale have always been really interesting to me. I might have to read more about Boudicca. I don't believe I've heard of her before.


    1. Boudicca is pretty cool, I saw a show about her on the History Channel I believe. She's really kick arse!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Nice excerpt - super hot! Congrats!! I want to read more!