09 March 2012

Shifters & Bikers and Bar Mates

by Rebecca Royce

For me, part of the appeal of writing stories for The Edge is that I get to take one scene and really push the characters to their limit sexually.  As they are forced out of their comfort zone, it is fun to see what happens to them and how it ultimately leads at the end of the scene to a real emotional connection between the two characters.

In Bar Mate, Nancy convinces Scott to have sex with her on the dance floor of the bar.  Now, granted, there is no one in the bar at the time but the potential is still there for someone to arrive and see them.  For the repressed Scott, this roll around on the floor with the wolf-shifter Nancy is a pretty big deal.  It pushes him to his Edge.

This made me start to think about myself.  What are the things that would really be my edge or even past it? Hmmm. Well, public sex is definitely one of them. As an author, I get to live those scenes with my characters.  Because in real life I am actually pretty shy.  When walking down the street people have no idea that when I get home to my computer, I walk the edge writing erotic romance. 

If you haven’t checked out Shifters and Bikers, I hope you will.  Comment and let me know what your edge would be.  One person will get a copy of one of my Decadent Publishing backlist books.  


  1. But isn't that one great thing about being an author? You get to live out you fantasies through your characters. Now my question would be, what type of research did you do for this book?


  2. Sometimes it feels like I'm keeping secrets...like from the teacher's at my kids school. Some I'm friends with but I don't think they'd appreciate the "spiciness" of the stories. I dislike secrets though.
    Bar Mate sounds really good. Can't wait to read it. Public sex would definitely be an Edge for me too. Makes for some great writing that is for sure!
    Good luck with the new release, Rebecca!

  3. It's always fun to push the limits in these stories. :) And public sex would be pushing my limits.

    All the best with your new release, Rebecca! :)

  4. Pushing limits always leads to great stories! Making your characters squirm is ever so much fun.

    Sex in a bar would definitely push my limits, but I sure do love to read about such things ;D

    Good luck with your release, Rebecca!


  5. Having had public sex- next time I would bring a blanket as the twigs and leaves are very prickly. Love reading about it though, gives you ideas.