20 April 2012

Out of Place Mate

by Rebecca Royce

When was the last time you went somewhere and you were completely out of place? I mean…totally wrong. For me, it always comes down to wearing the wrong thing. This doesn’t happen often because, for the most part, I know what to dress to specific venues. I know what to wear if we have to go out with my husband’s business associates. I know what to wear to certain types of restaurants, to bars, to school functions for the kids.

But, every once in a while I can still feel out of place. At a wedding, for example, if we’ve traveled to a part of the country I’ve not been before. I wore an outfit to a wedding in Georgia on a Saturday night that was way too dressy. Up in the New York City area, a Saturday night wedding is always going to border on black tie even if its not stated as such. Everyone was really dressed down for the occasion on Jekyll Island in Georgia. I just dressed wrong.

A girl my brother dated for a while came to an anniversary party for my parents at one of the nicest restaurants in New York City wearing a completely slutty dress. I felt sorry for her the whole night. She was surrounded by my parents and their friends and she looked like that.

How about you? When have you felt Out of Place? Comment and I one winner will get their choice of one of my Edge stories.


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  1. Hello Rebecca,

    OMG I still remember this one!!! OK first I ask you, if you get invited to an Adult Halloween Party, ON HALLOWEEN!!!, wouldn't you assume that means people would be wearing Costumes?? Or is it just me being crazy???
    Well about 10 years ago(see it must have been memorable for it to still stay with me lol) & 20 lbs lighter LOL my Hubby & I where ask to one such party. For the significance of the costumes, I first have to say that my Hubby is a Cop (32 years now, back then of course 22 years). Well we decided to reverse roles. I went in a Very Sexy Female Cop Costume with Black Thigh High Spiked Boots (I'm only 4'11", I need the height lol), came with gunbelt, cuffs, fake gun, flashlight, Cop Hat....it was soooo HOT!!! LOL But Still covered all the essentials. lol I'm just, as you can say, quite Busty, LOL so it kinda PUSHED it all UP!
    LOL (_._)V(_._) LOL I'm soooo Naughty!!! ;) &.....My Hubby went as my Prisoner, wearing a Black-n-White Striped Prison JumpSuit Costume....we were cuffed to each other with Pink Fur Cuffs I bought from an Online Adult Toy Store. LOL We LQQks sooooo Cute!!!!
    Welllllllll, we got to the Party, talk about feeling COMPLETELY OUT of place!!!! NO ONE else was in costumes, they said that they either didn't want to or were embarrassed to get dressed in costumes. OMG I couldn't believe it!!! At least they could have told Us. Now wouldn't you assume that an Adult Halloween Party, ON Halloween, would be in costumes, if you choose to do so??? My Hubby said, they Hell with them, We LQQked Good, so we stayed LOL & WooooHoooo did we have a GOOD TIME when we Got Home!!!!! Glad it was cold outside so the windows were closed. ROFL OMG I'm REALLLLLLY BAD!!! ;) So that's My Completely Out Of Place Story Rebecca. :)
    Oh as a side note, My Hubby said we were the talk of Roll Call the entire following week. LOL ;)

    Take care Rebecca & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com