29 June 2012

Ghost Hunter Sandwich, Anyone? Tales from the Coffin. TAGS

by JoAnne Kenrick

Are you ready for Estella and Lucy? Because I have a feeling they are more than ready for you!

22nd May marked the date when book one, Strange and Beautiful, was set loose in ebook stores across the world, and all were introduced to the snarky zombie and the scarcastic vampire who hide in the basement of their home in the dead center of Britain's most haunted city; York, England.

Now it's time for another installment of the goings on in the world of Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected and Lucy Rot her zombie lover and sometimes-faithful lacky.

29 June marks the date when Tales from the Coffin book two releases. As per Decadent Publishing's awesomeness, it will be available in most ebook stores....

And this will be the release of my very first menage story. I can hear my mum's cry of shame all the way from across the pond ;) Sorry, Mum! But this story had to be written. Estella made me do it. And Lucy twisted my arm.

Tales from the Coffin is a series with a story within a story. In each edition,  we follow the adventures of Estella and Lucy--The Bone Cruncher will often make a mysterious appearance, too. The main story visited in each book is building toward a HEA, and the story within the story is a short erotica as told by either Lucy or Estella. As they've both been burned by love, you can bet neither story will be all champers and wedding bells. Often, these books can gruesome and just plain old snark and smexy. I class them as horror/urban fantasy/never afters.

So if you're looking for a change in the paranormal romance pace, all wrapped in a sexy-snarky little package, Tales of the Coffin is for you!
Book Two, All the Pretty Faces (did I tell you this was my first menage story yet? if not, well...this is my first menage story!) is told by Estella and features three TV ghost hunters who find things go BUMP in more ways than one when the show is over, and their ghostly tale is interwoven into Estella and Lucy's world. I feel I should warn; not only is this a super smutty story, but it's also pretty gross. No spoilers, but it's the first time I ever cringed while writing a scene, and feared for the characters I'd created. One of which will be back in book 5.Let's leave it at that. Estella is a bad influence ;)


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BOOK TWO, All the Pretty Faces
Estella is on edge. Why? The Bone Cruncher wants to collect his debt early. What's a girl to do? Get her zombie lover to do her dirty work for her of course, while she entertains you with tea and a ghost hunter sandwich....
MidNight, a paranormal magazine show, transformed Lindsay from a jittery legal assistant into an almost famous TV presenter. Ghost hunting was the last job Lindsay ever expected to see herself doing, or loving. Best of all, the show had helped her face fears; the dark, and her own shadow. If only she could conquer Walker, too, her long time just-good-friends buddy.When her co-host Debra puts an offer of a threesome on the table after a live filming at York Castle Prison, Lindsay takes it into careful consideration. A menage with Walker and her nemesis will complete her confidence trip. But when things start going bump in the night, will three be a crowd?


Tentative Release: August 2012
& Book Four, Treacle and Treason
a Guy Fawkes special due for release October 26th

Here's the series trailer AND the Coffin WIDGET. Lots of things to click on, so enjoy exploring!! http://talesfromthecoffin.blogspot.com


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