06 July 2012

Beautiful Ink

by L.C.Dean

For many people motorcycles evoke either love or hate. For those who attend the Motor Classic in Sturgis, South Dakota, motorcycles offer a ticket to pure escape. Close your eyes and imagine riding through Spearfish Canyon as the sun rises over the pine covered hills. Take a twenty minute jaunt to Deadwood and gamble a little or tour the historic treasures still found there. If curves are your passion, ride Hwy16A and catch a glimpse of Mount Rushmore as you pass through the tunnels. For a less challenging adventure, ride south for ninety minutes or so to view the carving of Crazy Horse Memorial. Check out the races and hill climbs, or have a beer and take in a concert at one of the many bars and campgrounds open solely for the rally. Add to all of this visitors from around the world and motorcycles that range from solid chrome to rusted rat bikes. Sturgis is the perfect place to forget the rules and break loose.

With the Sturgis Rally Rider series written for Decadent Publishing’s erotic EDGE, I hoped to offer a glimpse at Sturgis, while providing readers a little escape. Although the focus of these shorts is erotic escape, of course, the setting adds to the characters’ abilities to break down barriers they might normally be unable or unwilling to breach.

Each of these stories look at the rally from a different perspective. Runaway Virgin offers the point of view of a young girl anxious to escape the expectations of her overprotective father and brothers. Whipped Puppy is about trying new experiences – embracing personal fantasies that are often tamped down in favor of societal expectations. Public Adoration explores the relationship between a couple who hopes the Rally will allow them to overcome problems and see one another through fresh eyes. And Beautiful Ink, perhaps my favorite among the stories, introduces the people behind the scenes, the locals who are not always fans of the masses who descend and the workers who keep the party going. In this case a rancher and a tattoo artist.
 I invite you to take a ride on the wild side and visit Sturgis during the Motorcycle Classic. Give me a shout if you’re going and I will buy you a beer.

Too many days of living on soda and energy drinks have left Ink Monroe too keyed up to sleep. She needs a good ride to release her sexual tension so she can get some rest, but when the perfect hottie turns her down flat, she’s too pissed to keep looking.

Hooking up with a stranger is not Jet Ryan’s style but when he rescues the beautiful tattoo artist from the groping hands of a drunk, his personal boundaries fall to a desire to make her scream. He just needs to get past her anger, prove he’s not a serial killer, and show her what letting go is all about.

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  1. I've never been to Sturgis during the Motor Classic, but I'm dying to go. I can never find anybody to go with me.
    This series sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it.
    Thanks for the blurb and the giveaway.


  2. These are hot, L.C. Congratulations on your release.

  3. I envy people that can ride motorcycles. Me, I'd be the wimp that would buy the trikes. I'm just too much of a klutz. I hear they've come up with the electric motorcycle now.


  4. Thanks for the chance to win these.They sound really good.