11 July 2012

Searching for Inspiration in Crazy Times

by Regina Carlysle 
It doesn’t matter what kind of artistic, ‘creative-type’ you might be. Painter. Writer. Sculptor. Actor. Musician. We all need inspiration to make what we do not only  cohesive but beautiful. We are people who make things happen creatively and without inspiration, even our best efforts can fall flat. Finding something that moves us is the key to unlocking the dreams and imaginings we want to share with the world…or maybe even just a small part of it. These days you’d think that would be an easy feat but it’s not as simple as you might think. Let’s face it, we’re busy people living in a world that races rather than walks from one thing to the next.
Maybe the most important key to discovering what moves you is to simply observe. Listen to the radio when you drive. Pay attention when walking through a mall or hanging out in a park. Watch the world around you and find those things that make you say…ahhhh. Those things are the makings of the next major piece of art, a beautiful song or a book that makes a reader sigh.
I’m beginning to think finding inspiration is just a matter of slowing down, taking stock and dragging a few deep breaths into my lungs. Finding a center, a peaceful place deep inside is key to my becoming inspired. Lately, I sit on the back porch in my search for motivation. This is where I get my best ideas, where plots evolve and plans for a book are born. Recently, I’ve relocated from my beloved Texas to sunny Florida and the view from my back patio is spectacular. Orange trees, red birds, lizards and yes, the occasional snake colors my world and in watching them, I gain peace and feel a renewed creativity that I’d believed had gotten lost somewhere along the way. I’ve learned lately that I am motivated by ‘visual’ things. Note the picture of the rugged cowboy and the isolation of his stance. The other day I saw the photo somewhere and knew I ‘had to have him’. Thank God for copy and save because now I know that I can re-visit this guy on my computer and find impetus  for another story of those rough, rugged men of the west. He might be a rancher, a hired hand or even a ‘cowboy shifter’. Who knows where this bit of inspiration might take my next book?
 I’m dying to find out.

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