31 July 2012

It's Hot Around Here!

by Rebecca Royce

Would you believe that when I first started writing—and I don’t mean the writing I did when I was young—but when I first started trying to write professionally, I really didn’t write sex scenes?  I know. Its kind of hard to sit here now and look at my backlist and believe there was a time where I was so uncomfortable with writing the word ‘cock’ that I absolutely would not do it. 
Look at me. I just blogged the word cock.  Its morning as I write this and I haven’t had enough coffee so I will spare you the cacophony of other words that I would not put on the page.  And then something shifted inside of me.  The more paranormal I became in my storytelling (and that is mostly what I do now) the more the writing seemed to require hot language. These people—these creatures—were hot blooded. Of course, they had hot sex and these were love stories.  I didn’t want to read purple prose any more than the readers wanted to.  And the hotter both my writing and my language became. 
But, when I was first told about The Edge stories, and quickly wrote one, my very talented editor Valerie Mann, told me that while the story was hot, it wasn’t hot enough. Really? I’d not heard this before.  There was a whole step up I could go in heat?  And thus Unwanted Mate was born.  It really pushed me to my edge of comfort level and with each subsequent story in the Shifters and Bikers stories the hotter it became.
It doesn’t surprise me that when I read reviews of this series, the stories are so highly thought of amongst reviewers.  How could they not be swept away in the same pulsating, steamy direction that I was when I wrote it? I just couldn’t believe it that I’d created these characters that wanted each other that intensely and that I could put it on the page. 
But that was the point of the series.  To take these stories and really push them to the Edge.  Readers love them and, guess what, so do the writers who put them on page. 

Tell us what you think is hot to read in an erotica story and one commenter will win a book from Rebecca Royce's backlist at Decadent Publishing!


  1. I'm all about the tension and the emotional and physical connection. You know it's done right when you get a little heart palp when you're reading it!

  2. A hot guy brought to his knees by the right woman.

  3. I was the same way when I wrote my first erotic romance story, and then my first erotica. Always pushing past boundaries for me and my characters.

    Any author who can sweep me into their story, and makes me feel what the characters are feeling has done it right, even when the POV is a male, and I can still feel it. LOL

  4. Great post! I have only been reading erotica and erotic romance for about a year, but cannot get enough of it. I used to feel uncomfortable reading words like that. Lol.
    I find it hot to read about passionate, can't get enough, dominating scenes! ;)
    Love those alphas!
    trb0917 at gmail.com

  5. I think its really if they get your blood pumping, then they're done well.