27 July 2012

The Idea for—The Landscaper

by Stephanie Williams

We’ve all done it ladies. Fantasized about that blue-collar worker: The plumber, the contractor and the pool guy. 

He’s always that hunky, Alpha Male, that doesn’t speak much, but just gets the job done!

In reality however, these men look like Larry the Cable guy. No disrespect, but lets face it, you won’t see him a on the cover of a hot smokin’ erotic novel or even a sweet romance.

What is it about these men that make our imagination soar and our mouths water? Why do we write about these men, and make them the epitome of the Alpha male?

Because there is nothing sexier than man with a hammer or power tool in his hand, or a bag of cement slug over his shoulder.

They look like that can take care of business—among other things. They’re the strong silent type. They don’t jabber, they just go into action.

Thus, my idea for The Landscaper. He’s sexy; he’s hot and ready for action!

Nothing like watching a man, hot and sweaty, covered in mud. When he takes a break from digging up the terra, he stops, rests his forearm on the shovel and wipes his brow with his arm.

Oh yeah!

Now don’t tell me seeing that doesn’t make your mouth water. In fact, you’ll be more inclined to offer him an ice cold glass of beer—or invite him to take a shower to get cleaned up. *WINK*

Leave a comment on what makes YOUR mouth water when you watch a man! One lucky commenter will win a copy of The Landscaper or another book from Stephanie’s backlist at Decadent Publishing. Don’t forget to leave your email address!


  1. Washboard abs, dimples, and a lot of confidence. Thanks!

  2. LOL, my husband's a landscaper, and I agree there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to take care of business.
    I love a guy who's tough and rugged, one who likes to get a little dirty *winks* but also a man who can be tamed. Someone who is tough on the outside, but an absolute sweetheart on the inside. Physical attributes help out a lot too, of course, and although a little cliche, I love them tall, dark, and handsome.
    Just like my hubby. *laughs*

    But what makes my mouth water... well that would have to be a man in uniform, even if it's as simple as a hard hat, safety vest, and steel toe boots. YUM!

    Congratulations on your new Edge release Stephanie, it sounds like a hot one.

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! Cool, you got your own Lnadscaper to foool around with. LOL! I hope my story gives you guys some more ideas!

      Yeah, it's something about a man in uniform that kinda makes that office worker look a bit....dull. LOL!

      Thanks for coming by!

  3. Sorry for just getting back to you. I've been tied up in Londonm still am for a bit. I love those characteristics on a man too Shelly. *WINK* Thanks for stopping by. :)