24 July 2012

The Milkman Cometh…forth!

by Kate Richards 

Los Angeles County in the 1950s. Post WWII. All those adorable soldier boys home from war and settling down in the balmy lands they’d discovered during their time in the service. The infant aerospace industry and the burgeoning (one of my favorite words I can rarely find a use for!) auto industry built plants all over the landscape of Los Angeles and Orange County. Suburbs popped up like mushrooms.

As the menfolk, fresh from their GI Bill college educations, marched off to their desk jobs at Douglas and Lockheed, they left their wives, in homes full of modern time-saving appliances. And every morning, a man dressed in a starched clear uniform showed up to brighten their day.

And who can resist a man in uniform?

For most of his customers he brings milk, eggs, maybe even orange juice (ours used to), but for a select few he offers a little something special.
This is the first of my Milkman series. I figure, since I did a solid week of research into the 1950s in SoCal, the suburban movement, the dairy industry in Cerritors, CA, interracial relations in the Los Angeles area at the time and most importantly lingerie…it’s worth a mini-series. After all, how many hot guys in uniform actually deliver!

Roberto’s reputation extends far beyond his efficiency as a milkman. He also provides intimate services to the many lonely ladies along his route. But he’s had his eye on a lovely divorcee for quite some time. One who has ignored all his flirting, so far.
Alice is ready to make a fresh start. Treated as the tract harlot, just because she’s on her own, she’s ready to make that name a reality. And she’s going to begin with the handsome milkman who has let her know on several occasions that he’s ready to deliver.
Roberto is playing with fire—a fiery redhead whose surprising innocence may steal his heart and leave the ladies of his route unsatisfied once again!

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  1. Oh, I look forward to reading this one. Sounds hot! :)

  2. Kate, as one who had the milkman bring goodies my entire childhood, I have been intrigued by this series since you told me about it. The precursor to the UPS guys, I suppose! Best wishes with this one and the upcoming in the series. I'm looking forward to seeing my book on the shelf with this one next week - thanks to you!

  3. Retro HOTNESS! I love it. Fresh, Inventive and very sexy!

  4. This makes me think of cute little milk mustaches...Got Milk???? Sounds oh so yummy!!!

  5. Ohh yeah lol. Hope you like it! Enjoy this one with Mint Milanos on the side!

  6. This sounds good.
    Thanks for the giveaway