05 September 2012

End of Summer

By Stephanie Beck

Where the heck did summer go? Oh, I know, technically its still summer. Yeah, yeah, calendar speak means very little to me. My life revolves around the school and church school year. School starts soon and it’ll be back to the routine grind of get minions ready, walk to school, walk home, care for little minions all day, walk to pick up big minion, proceed to do whatever else we didn’t get done.

I am looking forward to having more of a routine. I write more when I can plan and keep on top of things. This summer has been bonkers covered in bananas in the Beck household, so I’ve actually taken most of it away from writing. I’ve been thinking and planning on writing, but any writer will tell you that a writer thinking of writing is much like a plumber thinking about fixing a bathtub—it’s just not getting the job done.

So, with fall approaching at a break neck speed, I will jump into my fall routine, get some writing done, get my fall crafts out and start planning for, gulp, Christmas (I craft and knit and crochet a lot for gifts and those take time).

What’s your mark of summer ending? Mine was the Great Cousin Sleepover at Grandma’s house. All the kiddos got together at my mom’s house for one last hoorah together and now they’re going to veg and be home until Tuesday.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. :)
    We don't really have an end of summer mark thing that we do every year. My kids started school 2-3 weeks ago, so they have a short summer. We did swimming and cook-outs and spent some time with friends and family.
    Hope you get back to your routine soon. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Tina! I hope you and your kiddos are back in the swing of things for school. We're on day 2 now and it's old hat. Things should get exciting when hockey starts!