06 September 2012

50 shades of WHAT?

Night of the Doms available HERE

by Erykah Wyck

What is it with the sudden influx of BDSM books? Is it really all of a sudden? Granted the success of certain books has made some authors jump in to try and grab their piece of the pie, but for some of us we have been writing and reading these stories in private for years. The difference—they weren’t out on the shelves at Walmart.  And they certainly weren’t mainstream.

The big question is, does having a book like this go so mainstream hurt or help the lifestyle and the genre? I think it’s a double-edged sword. I think anything that gets conversation moving is always good. When we bring things out in the open there becomes a better understanding and sometimes acceptance of differences—different strokes for different folks and so on. But there is something to be said for what will come—tons of knock offs, many very good and funny, and lots of badly written books just out to make a buck.

And what about being termed Mommy Porn? The erotic romance industry as a whole has spent years saying we are NOT PORN, but hot romance. Now there is the label of Mommy Porn and honestly I am uncertain how I feel about that label. How do you feel about the Label?

What ever your tastes just remember—READ ON!!!!!

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