07 September 2012

Prepare to Be Mesmerized…


by Virginia Nelson
Every writer can link their story idea back to an aha! moment.  Some come from little things—a poster we saw, a movie playing in the background—and get all smooshed together to create a story.
Writers have more theta waves than the average person according to some studies.  Theta waves, the slowest brain wave, are the ones that hypnotists try to encourage in your brain when they hypnotize you.  Theta waves are common in the induction, or almost daydream state, that a hypnotist uses to take your mind to a place you don’t normally go when you’re not sleeping.
When I realized all that, the idea of a writer visiting a hypnotist, full of skepticism and the surety that she wouldn’t be one of the weak minded fools who were easy to mentally suggest to, took firm root and the core idea that built Hypnotist was created.
What kind of person was our hypnotist?  What is he thinking as he dabbles in the brains of others?  I mean, he is a real person with real issues of his own and he has the ability to literally change the way a person thinks.  If you change the way a person thinks, or their perception, are you changing the world one person at a time?  How much is perception and how much is reality?
And for the one who goes under, what if her mind was already trained to go into this mode of thinking.  This is what she does for a living.  Would she somehow be more aware?  Able to tap into the right answers?
Add a splash of instant attraction and you have my new The Edge Series release, Hypnotist.


Who knew quitting could be so hot?
Carnie Sabatina wants to quit smoking, but is a hypnotist really the answer? Enter Doctor McSexy and a trip down the rabbit hole that not only breaks her bad habit, but sets her passion on fire.

Is it tempting fate to take control?
Michael Schommer’s love life crashed and burned when his ex dumped him for his best friend. Is it too much to ask for a woman who wants to share more with him than a quick roll between the sheets?
Enter Patient McHottie, whose bad habits open a Pandora’s box of secret cravings for the hypnotist and the patient...

Burning up!
One hypnotic suggestion sends them up in flames, but will temptation and passion be enough to turn their parlor tricks into happily ever after?

Hope you enjoy this fun romance!  I know I had a blast writing it for you.
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  1. Wow the Hypnotist sounds like a hot read! Added to my tbr....can't wait to read!!!


  2. I'm now very interested in reading The Hypnotist, it sounds awesome. How did you come up with the idea for this book?
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  3. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!