17 June 2013


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      A week or so ago, a woman traveling on a train from Philadelphia, listened as a man apparently bragged to his friends about cheating on his unsuspecting wife. She snapped his picture and posted it on Facebook with the caption “Is This Your Husband?” or words to that effect. Of course, it went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of hits. 
We shake our heads in dismay and disgust.…although we don’t actually know whether this man was cheating. For all we know, he could have been rehearsing lines from a play. But he just doesn’t sound…heroic. Writers may have had zillions of plot bunnies pop into their heads when they heard the news clip.
Or…maybe not.
In this day and age, when nothing seems forbidden in the realm of erotic romance, not threesomes, not quads, not orgies, not necrophilia (zombies,ghosts and vampires, anyone?), not BDSM, not sex with demons and shapeshifters…is cheating the last taboo? We seem to accept straying when it comes to movies, TV, the lives and antics of celebrities. But is even the whiff of adultery in a romance still something that will make readers “squick”?
The story of the braggart on the Philly train and the woman who nailed him, got me thinking about BLIZZARD.  BLIZZARD has so far garnered stellar five and four-star reviews, for the most part. A few readers and reviewers, noted they had some uneasy, stomach-churning moments in the beginning…but invariably they were won over by the end.
Oh. Did you think I was going to give that away? Guess again! Or…better still…pick up a copy of BLIZZARD today and find out for yourself!
So what do you think… ?
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Mandy Malone ditches her pharmaceutical convention and the married male colleagues hitting on her to hurry home to her waiting family. But she doesn’t bank on the blizzard that forces her off the road and into a deserted rest stop. When she meets another road refugee, their attraction is immediate and molten hot. Suddenly, getting stranded doesn’t seem like such bad luck after all. 

Although totally unprepared for Mandy’s unvarnished proposition, Jack is intrigued by the erotic offer of a promising night of no-questions-asked sex. But when he notices the wedding band on Mandy’s finger, will he forego the lure of a torrid clandestine affair, or give in to the fantasy of blazing hot sex on a wintry night?

She rooted around in her handbag again, on the off chance she’d missed something useful to her current situation. 
“Is this what you’re looking for, lady?” 
Mandy glanced up, startled by the deep, rumbling baritone that echoed loudly in the fairly quiet building. And even more startled by the tall, gorgeous hunk of manhood bundled into a down parka standing next to her table. 
I could totally jump him. Right here. Right now. 
From nowhere, steamy erotic images of what she wanted to do with the man leaped unbidden into her head. She’d never felt such instant attraction to anyone, such a frantic desire. Maybe it was a reaction to her frightening experience on the Thruway. Or maybe something else created the overpowering chemistry. 
Besides being the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on, he held out a battery-operated pocket charger. A sigh escaped her as he stared down at her. 
“It’s not the only thing I’m looking for.” Her voice, husky and sultry, and laden with blatant sexual innuendo, shocked her. Where had those words come from? Nearly alone with him in the deserted rest stop…and still she felt…safe. 
“Yeah?” The man removed his parka, revealing a plaid flannel shirt, the triangle of a white, cold-weather T-shirt peeping from the open neckline. When he raised his arms, thick bands of muscle rippled across his chest, beneath the layers of fabric. He riveted her with brilliant azure eyes, bluer than a lake under the summer’s sun. His hair, which curled a bit boyishly at his temples, resembled a wet beach, light, dirty brown, with shimmering bronze threads straggling through the locks. But this was no boy. No, indeed. 
God. Gorgeous did not even begin to cover it. The longer he looked at her, the hotter she became. So hot she suddenly felt she’d do anything, dare anything with this man.


  1. Hello there! I think cheating should not be a taboo but people are hard wired by society or religion to believe its wrong. Zombies are more of an external threat, but not a personal failure. I think it's exploring the internal that scares people. They don't want to think about themselves too hard! So maybe that's why ....

    The only plot bunny I get for the Edge from seeing this book out there is a trip to a dirty dentist's office. Not sure why.... :)

    Keep up the good work! That's what the Edge is about, right? *applies stamp of approval*

  2. I think like anything else, it's a personal preference. If handled right, it might work.

    Love the excerpt, headed off to buy now. :)

  3. Yikes, Eva! I can't even imagine how you made a leap from Blizzard to the DDS! Rest assured there's absolutely no teeth pulling or other dental shenanigans!