19 June 2013

Why can’t you celebrate Valentine’s Day in June?

Note: I will pick one lucky winner from all the comments to receive a box of heart-shaped chocolate truffles so you can celebrate Valentine’s Day right away.

 So what if a calendar says certain days are celebrated on certain dates? Sometimes they need more than twenty-four hours. I mean, July 4th celebrates the independence of the United States but we really celebrate it all year long in a number of ways, right? So why not Valentine’s Day?
Ever since the Middle Ages when Geoffrey Chaucer first associated the day with love and courting, it’s become a time for lovers to express their feelings for each other—through flowers. Small gifts. Special dates. Hot sex! Why, then, limit it to one day a year? Shouldn’t every day present us with those opportunities? I mean, would you want to wait for one day a year just to have your fantasy come true? A hot guy take you on a dream date? Have the hottest sex of your life?
So this is my banging the drum to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the summer, when long days bring us lazy nights to indulge ourselves in every fantasy.
I’ll bet Kylie Monroe would have given anything to be celebrating in the middle of summer instead of a winter snowstorm. Have you read her story in Lust Becomes You? It’s part of the very hot, very sex The Edge series, and you’ll want to read every one of them.
But about Kylie—she fell in love, and in lust, with Sam Cooper, reaching new heights of ecstasy as they explored the world of BDSM. She foresaw a rich life together filled with love and erotic sex. When Sam dumped her to pursue success in the legal field, telling her there was “always tomorrow,” she never quite recovered from the hurt.Ten years later, Kylie’s still gun-shy in the love department and frustrated in the sex department. Nobody could replace Sam. Then on a snowy Valentine’s Day she has an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with him. But Sam had a real challenge persuading her their love is real this time? Could he woo her back with the kind of sex she’d been missing?


“Hey, Kylie. What brings you out on a night like this?” Valentino hollered to her from behind the counter where he was wrapping wine and chocolates. “Valentine’s Day and romance, like everyone else?” he laughed. “I love it.”
No wonder. Valentino’s Gourmet Food and Wine Shoppe was packed with smiling people besotted with that stupid guy in diapers. What the hell was she doing here, anyway, with all these people who thought celebrating a guy in a diaper was romantic.
Buying you’re annual bottle of chocolate wine, the kind you and Sam drank, and weeping over it like some idiot.
The shop was jammed tonight, people everywhere looking over the Valentine’s food basket specials and the cutesy little wine wrappers and cork screws special for the day. In the wine tasting corner people were sampling the specials of the day while others nibbled on tiny crackers and gourmet cheese while they waited their turn in line. It was enough to make you sick.
“Hey, Val,” she heard one of the clerks shout. “We making deliveries tonight?”
“Now? You gotta be kidding me. The driving’s so bad I told the kid to go home after his last stop. Who is it, anyway?”
“Sam . He wants a half a dozen bottles of that chocolate wine.”
Kylie froze in place. Sam ? In this city? If he was ordering chocolate wine it had to be her Sam.
Hers? He hadn’t been hers in forever. Not since their last time together when he’d said they needed to get settled in their careers before getting into anything serious. Funny. She’d thought they were already serious. Just hearing his name made desire throb in her pussy and her nipple harden. Even after all this time she could feel the familiar sting of the flogger on her ass. She’d never mentioned her desire for BDSM to any of the men she’d tried to be interested in. They’d run as fast as they could. But god, she missed it. And Sam.
Was he married? Single? Engaged? Did he even remember her?
Without thinking she hurried over pushed her way through the crowd to Val.
“I’ll deliver the wine for you.”
Val was so startled he almost dropped the bottles he was wrapping. “Kylie, it’s freezing out and we’re expecting more snow. Besides, I don’t expect my customers to fill in for my delivery guy.”
“Where does he live? Is it far?”
The people in line were groaning their dissatisfaction at the interruption.
“Only in the next block, but–“
“I know him. I think. Is he a lawyer?”
Val nodded as he continued to wrap and sack purchases.
A lawyer. Sam . Chocolate wine. It had to be the right one.
“Well, then. It will give me a good chance to say hello.” She forced a smile. “Really. Okay?”
He shrugged. “I think you’re crazy but if that’s what you want you got it.” He looked over his shoulder to the clerk still holding the phone. “Tell him his order’s on the way.”
She button up her coat again and wrapped her scarf tightly. Pulled her gloves on and took the tote bag from the clerk who’d gotten it ready.

Wanna find out if Kylie and Sam heat up the sheets? Get this short story ASAP and cuddle up in bed with it.
And be sure to read ALL the stories in The Edge. You’ll want to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.



  1. If we can have Christmas in July we can have Valentine's Day in June. Hope a lot of folks come to celebrate with me!

  2. I'm in total agreement. Needless to say, reading a Valentine's Day story is June sounds pretty darn good too. Why wait for one day of the year to enjoy the spirit of love and all the good stuff that comes with it??

  3. I love the idea of celebrating love everyday! My hubby says that Bout V-Fay. :)
    I guess he means by showing he loves me, though I don't really get flowers and chocolate, even on Valentine's Day. Lol.
    I really enjoyed the excerpt! Adding it to my list. ;)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Trb0917 at gmail dot com

  4. I see nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day in June. It's about love, relationships, and of course chocolate. Nothing wrong with celebrating that everyday.