18 July 2013

What does “Edge” mean to you?

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By Starla Kaye

“Edge” defined in the dictionary as a noun refers to (1) a thin, sharpened side, as of the blade of a cutting instrument; (2) the degree of sharpness of a cutting blade; or (3) a penetrating, incisive quality.

Taking the word a step further and applying it to the stories in The Edge Series, this is how I see them.

First, they take a reader right up to the intense physical and emotional moment between the characters. Second, the reader waits on pins and needles to see exactly what will happen. And lastly, the reader learns how far the characters will go.

In these stories, the characters go right on over the edge. They have the characters testing themselves, aching for something to happen, and finally diving right into what they need/desire/must have.

In my Edge Series story, Acceptance, Chase and Rico are both missing something important in their busy lives. They are so focused on what is expected of them by their respective companies that all personal desires are almost forgotten.

Until they meet in a simple situation and things between them quickly become anything but “simple.” Attraction sparks and they face a flaring of sexual needs and desperation to do something about it. They reach that “edge.” Do they go ahead and move over that intense moment for a brief taste of satisfaction? Do they resist?

Edge stories are highly emotionally based. The characters can pull the readers along a slow roller coaster climb up the hill before racing down the other side. Or they can grab the reader right from the start and pull them to that intense moment the characters are facing and then jerk the reader right on through it along with them.

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